About Us

Word from Home is a group of vocalists and instrumentalists who are all family and consider themselves blessed to be best friends.  “When Only You Can Hear” is their newest CD, released in the spring of 2013. It is the product of years’ love of worshipping together, writing new songs (as God gives them), and enjoying His grace while sharing life with one another.

Amy Salter Rutherford and Andrea Salter provide rich melody and harmony over a beautiful tapestry of acoustic instrumentation.  Andrea also provides flowing piano work, while Chaney Rutherford on guitar and Bryan Salter on bass, add their own soulful beauty to the blend.  Amy also adds strings throughout the songs.

Why Word from Home?

God delights in sharing His Father’s heart with His children here on earth, we who are “strangers in a distant land,” far from the true home of our hearts, Heaven.  He gave us His precious Word, the Holy Bible, as a way to know His heart until we are able to be with Him again in Heaven.  It is the “Word from Home” that encourages, guides, and comforts us as we live this life, forever lifting our hearts to see the perfect beauty of all that God is.

Our group took upon ourselves that same name, Word from Home, as an unspoken prayer that God would allow us to serve the world in such a way.  We long for Him to use us as a means of bringing His heart near to those who love Him and those who have yet to even know His name.  When you listen to the words and the music we bring, we hope you hear your Father’s calling to you – His beautiful “word from home,” lifting your heart to seek His own.