A Hope and a Future

Oh, the delight of having a purpose! Nothing thrills my heart more than when I find myself right in the middle of what I’m meant to do. It’s as if one can actually feel the warmth of the pleasure of God’s heart.

Late Friday afternoon, a UPS truck pulled up outside the small-town music shop my husband manages in beautiful Boerne, Texas. Several boxes were brought inside and set deftly in the hallway with care unknowingly-befitting of their contents’ worth; each humble cardboard box held the culmination of years’ investment of time, resources, and heart.

I emerged from my teaching room where I’d given music lessons all afternoon and was immediately greeted by my husband’s beaming smile.

“The CDs are finally in!” he said.

He took my hand and drew me quickly to the side of one of the large boxes. Pulling out one of the CDs, we opened it together and finally felt that peace that washes over your heart, when you know you’ve “run a good race” or “fought a good fight.”

The recording held an immense investment of our heart – both in worship and in work – and held, also, the legacy of countless hours of prayer given by those who love us most. Most of all, it held a testimony of the great faithfulness of our loving God – to give us the music of worship in the first place and to help carry us through this beautiful journey of bringing this gift of His heart to the rest of His children, too.

There is no higher purpose than to love our God, to know His love for us, and to share it faithfully with others. This is simply one step out of a journey’s millions that will allow me to tell this world, “Your Father loves you!” Our great God has given every heart the opportunity to love Him; He has given us all the chance to seek Him and find that He has a hope and future awaiting us.

Seek His heart, dear friend… Know the hope that is Christ. May this recording help bring your heart closer to Him, and may it open your eyes to the truth of your eternal purpose: you were created to bring glory to God and to know His love forever.

No higher calling… No greater hope or future…

I just had a glimpse of such fulfillment, when seeing the CDs that carried with them the promise of all that was yet to come and the legacy of God having led us so faithfully thus far. He’s helping me follow the path He always meant for me, day by day…

“…and I am sure of this, that He Who began a good work in you
will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”
Philippians 1:6 ESV

Walking alongside you in this journey of faith…

Blessings Always,